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Quarter Assignment Rubric
Conservative v. Liberal Beliefs
How to Cartoon

***Optional Printouts***

1st Quarter

Standard 12.1
John Locke's Origins of Government

Standard 12.1.3
Sources of Constitutional Rights
Constitutional Liberal Democracy
James Madison
Constitutional Scavenger Hunt
TLO v NJ Syllabus
Federal DNA Case
Standard 12.1.3 Overview

Barney Fife and the Preamble

Standard 12.1.5
Federalist Paper #10***
Federalist Paper #51***
Federalist Paper #78***
Federalist Paper #10 Summary
Federalist Paper #51 Summary
Federalist Paper #78 Summary
Federalist Paper Venn Diagram
Federalist Paper Quotes & Categories
Why a Bill of Rights and What Impact
Origins of the Bill of Rights
Federalist Paper Debate
Mason's Objection to the Constitution
Separation of Powers
Bill of Rights/Checks and Balances Worksheet
Student Bill of Rights
National Supremacy (McCulloch v. Maryland)

Standard 12.9.3
Unitary System

Standard 12.4.1
Article I Project

Standard 12.4.4
Electoral College Basics
Electoral College Questions
Electoral College Debate
Impeachment Fact Sheet

2nd Quarter

Standard 12.4.5
Supreme Court Reading
Judicial Independence/Judicial Review
Landmark Supreme Court Cases

Standard 12.2.4
The dumbing down of voters
Young Voters Article

Standard 12.3.1

Standard 12.5.1
Bill of Rights Power Point Presentation
Bill of Rights Power Point Rubric
Suspension of Habeas Corpus
4th Amendment-Strip Search
Tinker v. DesMoines

Standard 12.6.4
Political Participation
Categorize Political Participation

Standard 12.8.1
The Media
Independent Media
Media and Prior Restraint
Public Opinion and the Media

Standard 12.9.1
12.9.1 Terms
Democracy Pro/Con
Parliamentary System







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Extra Credit Assignments

What type of government video

Court room visit

School Board/City Council Meeting