Unit II-Enlightenment

Standard 10.2

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United Streaming-Enlightened Philosophers

United Streaming-Importance of the Enlightenment


United Streaming-Ideas of the Enlightenment


United Streaming-The Enlightenment in America

United Streaming-Enlightenment Ideas and the American Revolution


United Streaming-John Locke


United Streaming-Thomas Jefferson

United Streaming-Voltaire


United Streaming- James Madison


United Streaming- Preamble of the Constitution

United Streaming- Separation of Powers

United Streaming- Shaping a New Nation

Music Video-Too Late to Apologize (Declaration of Independence)

United Streaming- The Rule of Law

Annenberg Classroom-The Story of the Bill of Rights

Annenberg Classroom-Key Constitutional Concepts

Flocabulary-3 branches of government

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Flocabulary-Bill of Rights

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Flocabulary-A More Perfect Union

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Flocabulary-American Revolution

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Flocabulary-Declaration of Independence

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