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1st Quarter    

Standard 10.1.1
(Judeo-Christian Traditions)
10.1.1 Vocabulary Sheet
Categorize JC and GR
Contrast JC and GR
Comparing Sparta and Athens
Standard 10.1.1 Overview
Standard 10.1.1 Shortcut

Standard 10.2.1
(Enlightenment Thinkers)

Standard breakdown 10.2.1
10.2.1/10.2.2 Vocabulary Sheet
James Madison
Locke's Origin of Government

Standard 10.2.1 Shortcut

Standard 10.2.2
(Enlightenment Documents)

Standard breakdown 10.2.2
English Bill of Rights

Magna Carta
Origins of the Bill of Rights
Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen
Standard 10.2.2 Shortcut

Standard 10.2.4
(French Revolution)

10.2.4 Vocabulary Sheet
Fall of the Bastille
Che Guevara Poster
Standard 10.2.4 Shortcut

Standard 10.3.1/10.3.2 (Industrialization)
10.3.2/10.3.6 Vocabulary Sheet
Key Inventors Notes Matrix
Industrialization Walk Around Notes
A woman coal mine worker
SOAPStone-Child Labor
The steam engine
Irish Eviction
Standard 10.3.1 Shortcut
Standard 10.3.2 Shortcut

2nd Quarter

Standard 10.3.6
(Responses to Capitalism)
Economic Systems Walk-Around Notes
Economic Systems matrix

A manifesto for revolution
Adam Smith "The Invisible Hand"
Utopian Community

Standard 10.3.6 Shortcut

Standard 10.4.1/10.4.3 (Imperialism)
10.4.1/10.4.3 Vocabulary Sheet
Analyzing Imperialist Motives
SOAPStone-Perspectives on Imperialism
Standard 10.4.1 Shortcut
Standard 10.4.3 Shortcut

Standard 10.5.1/10.5.2/10.5.4
(Course of World War I)
World War I Map Assignment
10.5.1/10.5.2/10.5.4 Vocabulary Sheet
World War I WebQuest

Assassination of Franz Ferdinand
SOAPStone-Causes of World War I
Mexican Revolution***
Battle of Galipoli***
Gas Attack***
U-boat Attack***
WWI Letter Home (1)***
WWI Letter Home (2)***
WWI Letter Home (3)***
Life in a trench on the Western Front
Metallica One Video (WMV format)
WWI Poetry***
DBA-Armenian Genocide
America Enters WWI
Standard 10.5.1 Shortcut
Standard 10.5.2 Shortcut
Standard 10.5.4 Shortcut

Standard 10.6.1/10.6.2
(Effects of World War I)
Germany Emerges From WWI
Woodrow Wilson's 14 Points
Treaty of Versailles
How the Treaty of Versailles led to WWII
Standard 10.6.1 Shortcut

Standard 10.6.2 Shortcut


3rd Quarter

Standard 10.7.3/10.8.1/10.8.2
(Interwar Years)

10.7.3/10.8.1/10.8.2 Vocabulary
Russian Revolution Notes
Russian Revolution Timeline
Russian Revolution Walk-a-Round Notes***
Russian Revolution Walk-a-Round Matrix
Emma Goldman Reading
Russian Revolution SOAPStone (Extra Credit)
Rise of Totalitarianism Chart
Italian Conquest
Spineless Democracies
Massacre in Nanjing (Nanking)
Compare & Contrast the Drive for Empire
Hitler-Stalin Pact
Appeasement SOAPStone***
DBA-Hitler's Rise to Power***
Standard 10.7.3 Shortcut
Standard 10.8.1 Shortcut
Standard 10.8.2 Shortcut

Standard 10.8
(World War II)
WWII Vocabulary 10.8.4/10.8.6
Air Battle over London***
Blitzkrieg 1940***
Attack at Pearl Harbor (Japanese View)
Invasion of Normandy***
Conference Matrix
World War II Letter
Swing Kids Questions
Standard 10.8.4 Shortcut

Standard 10.8.5 Shortcut
Standard 10.8.6 Shortcut

4th Quarter

Standard 10.9
(Cold War)

WWII Vocabulary 10.9.2
Democracy Pro & Con
Iron Curtain
Start of the Cold War
Communism in Chile
Korean War
Vietnam War
The Killing Fields in Cambodia
Standard 10.9.2 Shortcut
Standard 10.9.3 Shortcut
Standard 10.9.6 Shortcut
Standard 10.9.7 Shortcut

Standard 10.10
(Global Interdependence)

Hotel Rwanda
China's Economy DBA
Alternative Energy DBA
Modern Country Project
Standard 10.10.2 Shortcut





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